Katerina Kozlovska

Katerina KozlovskaM.Ost/DO in Osteopathy

Katerina is the newest member of the Joy Lane Clinic team and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in osteopathy with an additional specialism in paediatrics and pregnancy.

However Katerina’s passion for her work started on the dance floor as a former competitive ballroom dancer.  With so much training for the European competitions Katerina ensured that she kept her body in full working order with regular treatments with an osteopath to make sure she remained injury free.

It was during this time that she appreciated the work of an osteopath and with an existing understanding of the benefit of massage she found a deeper interest and began her study in osteopathy. Katerina went on to graduate from the European School of Osteopathy with an Integrated Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

Prior to pursuing her degree in Osteopathy she obtained NVQ level 2&3 in Beauty& Massage and practised abroad in Italy. She also holds additional diplomas in Western Acupuncture, Visceral Osteopathy, Kinesiology Taping, Reiki, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage/Sports Massage.

Over the past 5 years, thorough the course of her study and her work as a practitioner she has experience in women’s and men’s health, paediatrics, sports and headache osteopathy.

When talking to Katerina about her role as an osteopath it is fascinating to hear about her work in pregnancy and paediatric osteopathy and the positive impact it can have on mother and baby.

Although no longer competing in ballroom dancing, Katerina still enjoys salsa dancing and combines it with an enjoyment of running and climbing in her free time.

To book an appointment with Katerina please contact us:

T: 01227 266439
E: info@joylaneclinic.co.uk