Recently I treated a young woman for low back pain who was having problems for some time. After 2 treatments her mechanics were working normally whereby she could achieve full range of movement in all planes of movement but she still reported back ache.

What was the problem?

Her core stability was in a shocking state. I asked her to perform the plank whereby she could not even hold the position for 3 seconds! I then proceeded to explain to her that after having a long term back issue her core muscles were not firing and so were now weak. This young lady does no exercise so she drives to work, sits at a desk all day and drives home to then sit on the sofa in the evening.

Now each individual is different, if this lady attended a gym and lifted weights then a core program around weight training would be prescribed and I do feel that this is the best approach to core as I have first-hand experience of this in relation to my own back issues over the years.

However as I have mentioned this young woman does not exercise at present and therefore we have devised a core workout program that she can do at home.

At Joy Lane Clinic we have a fully equipped gym where we do rehabilitation work on our patients as well as offering a personal training service which can cater for all levels from the complete novice to the experienced lifter.

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