Daniel Di Marcantonio

Physiotherapist & Osteopath

Daniel is our Italian Sherlock Holmes of Osteopathy, when treating patients his key focus is on communicating effectively with them, to understand why they have a problem and to investigate the real cause of the issue.

Having graduated in Physiotherapy in 2012 from the Tor Vergata University in Rome, Daniel has experience in rehabilitating a wide variety of conditions from neurological and orthopaedics to classic neck and back pain having worked both in the hospital and multi-disciplinary clinic environments.

Daniel’s work in the hospitals saw him helping and supporting people affected by Parkinson ’s disease and stroke, as well as working with amputees.

Whilst working within physiotherapy Daniel realised that many of his patients would also benefit from osteopathy, therefore before moving to the United Kingdom, he took an integrated course in Osteopathy at the International College of Osteopathic Manual Medicine in Rome.  This was then followed by a Master degree in Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy.

Daniel is passionate about continually developing new skills which complement his work as a physiotherapist and osteopath.  This has included completing courses on kinesiology, sports taping, acupuncture and global postural re-education with Professor Philippe E. Souchard.

Outside of work Daniel keeps active by rock climbing, swimming and playing football. He enjoys the cinema, theatre and travelling.

To book an appointment with Daniel please contact us:

T: 01227 266439
E: info@joylaneclinic.co.uk