Leanne Bracey


Leanne recently had a complete change of career; previously working full time for a prestigious national newspaper as a Picture Editor. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Journalism and has also written travel related features and practices travel photography.

In 2020, she decided to totally change her career around and retrain in a different field altogether. She is now an IFPA accredited qualified Clinical Aromatherapist.  At the Clinic, she is our afternoon receptionist and looks after our social media, using her knowledge of imagery and design to help the clinic have more of a social media presence.

Leanne is also a Chakradance Facilitator, holding a few local classes a month. She also enjoys extensive dog walks cooking, and discovering new music; she used to be a DJ.

Leanne enjoys the atmosphere of the clinic, a completely different environment to the frenetic pace of a newspaper.