Recently I treated a young woman for low back pain who was having problems for some time. After 2 treatments her mechanics were working normally whereby she could achieve full range of movement in all planes of movement but she still reported back ache. What was the problem? Her core stability was in a shocking […]

Joint Care

              Normally I have to inject my left knee with ostenil (joint lubricant) once per year around Christmas due to arthritic changes but so far I have not had to do it this year. The reason is I have been using joint care supplements that are of excellent quality. […]


Often we get calls from people who are looking for a massage. When the receptionist queries their problem often the person is in pain and thinks that a massage will sort it out. The receptionist then explains that osteopaths do massage but they also look for the root cause of the problem. What do I […]

Osteopath’s treat more than you think!

I suppose I am lucky that I am now established this past 13 years in practice and people are aware that I can treat all parts of the body, not just backs and necks. Recently I had a patient discussing a topic that often comes up, “GP’s don’t recognise osteopathy, and we are classed as […]

Headaches – A pain in the neck

Recently I saw a young girl of 10 years of age who had been suffering headaches on a daily basis for 2 years. She had been to the GP, had a CT scan whereby nothing abnormal was detected and was prescribed pain killing medication. She had some relief from acupuncture whereby she was only getting […]

Creature Comforts

Recently I have returned from a family holiday in Tenerife and although the kids had a great time, myself and the Missus did suffer a bit with our backs and necks as the beds in the hotel were too soft and the pillows paper thin. Needless to say we are home and getting some treatment […]

Post Treatment Reaction

Often after an initial treatment it is not uncommon to experience a treatment reaction which can normally last between 1 to 3 days whereby you may experience soreness and tiredness. On some occasions patients report that they actually felt worse the day after treatment than when they presented. This is a normal part of the […]

Exercise can help keep aches away

Just yesterday I had a 33 year old gentleman present with low back pain which he gets periodically from time to time and of no apparent reason.   Upon taking his case history it became evident that he laid a sedentary lifestyle in that he did no form of exercise whatsoever. He basically sat on […]

Osteopathy – More Than Treating Back Pain

Recently I was in a shop where I bumped into a patient who I had been treating for neck and shoulder pain which she had had for years but which was now very much improved. She informed me that she began to suffer knee pain and that she went to her GP who said that […]

Osteopathy & Bodybuilding!

Recently I just competed in a bodybuilding contest, and did well placing 4th out of 11 competitors but having spoken to the judges I found out I would have placed higher if my posing was better! Now you may ask as to what this has to do with osteopathy and both disciplines seem as similar […]