Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes

Sports Therapist

I graduated as a Sports Therapist at the University of Kent in 2017. I am fully qualified to diagnose injuries, develop treatment plans and deliver the required treatments including Sports Massage. My goal is to alleviate any discomfort as quickly as possible and get the person back to a level of fitness where they can continue their chosen sport or simply feel more mobile, fit and healthy.

Sports Massage is a deep soft tissue massage that realigns muscle fibres and connective tissue. It increases oxygenated blood flow to damaged areas helping to flush out toxins and promote healing. This typically leads to an increase in joint range of motion and flexibility, limits the risk of a recurrence of injuries, reduces muscle spasms and the tension in muscles, and normally leads to a lowering of blood pressure and a sense of relaxation.

One common misconception of Sports Therapists is that we only treat athletes. This is not the case we try and help everyone and anyone that may be suffering from an injury.

To book an appointment with Jack please contact us:

T: 01227 266439
E: info@joylaneclinic.co.uk