Vera Lorenz

Vera Lorenz


Vera Lorenz graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2023.

Alongside her studies she developed a keen interest in all things related to the physiology of pain. Ranging from chronic pain conditions (headaches, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis) to the psychosomatic triggers and properties of pain.

Additionally, she intends to focus her future education on hormonal changes especially in menopause and how those affect the body in its function and healing. Her treatment approaches encompass functional techniques like cranial osteopathy, structural approaches like mobilization and manipulations as well as visceral techniques (treatment of inner organs).

Having played Tennis and Volleyball for 25 years, Vera made her own experience with sports induced injuries and their effective treatment and incorporates that into her treatment approaches.

During her time at the teaching clinic of the European School of Osteopathy she treated patients of all ages ranging from one month old Babies to 85-year-old elderly.

Before changing her career to Osteopathy, Vera worked for 20 years in the IT-branch. As an executive manager on various levels of hierarchy she learnt first hand how much of a toll a stressful job and life can take on the body and mind.

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