Lucy Bannigan

Lucy Bannigan

Personal Trainer & Practice Manager

When talking to Lucy it is soon clear that her passion lies in helping people with their health and fitness. As a personal trainer she works hard to gain the trust of her clients, giving them the confidence to take steps to becoming stronger and fitter, as well as empowering them to see and feel the benefits of exercise.

Lucy first became interested in training 14 years ago, when she met her husband, Charlie, who at the time was preparing for a body building competition. Having overcome her own very personal battle with an eating disorder, Lucy was keen to learn how fitness can make a difference to her. Through learning to train correctly she felt strong and powerful plus understanding the necessity to fuel her body correctly enabled her to become fit and healthy.

From then onwards Lucy’s passion for fitness grew and in June 2017 she attained her Level 2 Fitness Instruction qualification and Level 3 Personal Training qualification.

As a mum of three children, Lucy knows and understands the difficulties of finding the time to exercise but she also knows how she feels if she doesn’t! Regular exercise is of course key to your physical health but how it affects our mental health is so important too.

Lucy’s has seen her clients arrive at their sessions feeling tired and stressed with little or no motivation to workout but once they have finished they are so glad that they did!

Lucy is also the Practice Manager at Joy Lane Clinic working closely with the clinic team. Her experience of working with the osteopaths and physiotherapists, also motivated her to qualify as a personal trainer. Seeing patients coming into the clinic with weak backs and cores, Lucy wanted to be able to help them by showing that with an improved level of fitness it can help and benefit them in their everyday lives.

We are all unique and that is how Lucy works with her clients; whether they are runners looking for help with strength to improve their distance or speed, a mum looking to get back into exercise after having their baby or someone who is just terrified of going to a gym, Lucy will work with them individually to achieve their specific goals.

All of Lucy’s sessions are held at the private gym located at the Joy Lane Clinic, where you can be assured of privacy and a place where the focus is on you.

She furthered her studies at the end of 2022 and qualified as a Sports Masseuse. She is well suited to the new role in that she is able to see imbalances when she trains her clients as is able to work on them both with soft tissue work and rehabilitation exercises.

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