"Massively recommend Jack for sports massage. Went to him with a badly recurring trigger point, he not only got rid of it but he found and worked on about 27 others too! When I returned 4 weeks later there was almost nothing left to find! Thank you Jack!"

Gemma Geake August 20, 2020

Heidi is fantastic at what she does, after spending weeks in lockdown, sat at a desk all day I was experiencing back and neck pains. Within a few sessions my aches and pains had gone! She was always very friendly but professional, making me feel comfortable and at ease. Working just as hard in the hot days with all the extra PPE due to Covid. Thanks Heidi - I would recommend you to anyone!

Michelle Lee August 10, 2020

Hi Heidi,,

I had a good swim in the sea at high tide today, hip and groin felt so much better today. !!!

Thanks for you help so far ❤️☺️

Geoff Briggs August 10, 2020

Dear Heidi,

I wanted to give you an update after my session with you yesterday morning. The pain in my left arm has started to reduce and the arm feels a bit stronger today, so it looks like the manipulation you did on my neck and back has helped to release the nerves. I had a reasonable night's sleep last night for the first time in 2 weeks.

Gavin Whitlock July 29, 2020

I just wanted to say what a transformation has taken place in my back problem. Crippled and hardly able to walk at the beginning of this week and now hardly a twinge, all due to Heidi’s expertise in massage and manipulation. Heartily recommended!

Philip Carr June 13, 2020

I had an appointment with Heidi this afternoon, I recently developed an acute pain on my left instep after running 2-3 miles, I was concerned that I might need to pull out of the 7 Reservoirs trail/hill race on Sunday.  Heidi listened carefully and guided the conversation, she checked my posture, gait and stance, diagnosing the problem. She treated trigger points in my calf, advised and reassured me.

I actually enjoyed the appointment, and am now much more confident about completing the race. Thank you Heidi, I’ll let you know how the race goes.

Mike Lieberman November 27, 2019

Dear Charlie

Thank you so much for seeing me last night. Today I was able to walk and be normal. Hadn't realised how bad it had got and how much I had actually been putting up with. Being able to walk around normally is an underrated thing!

Phil Wise November 22, 2019

Gosh Charlie, what a difference. I can hear a bit of joy in my mums voice and she’s started walking round the house without the stick. I told her to do some stretches to open up the chest as shoulders still playing up but eveything should fall into place.

Thanks for being brilliant as always but also for your kindness with her x

Carl Braganza November 22, 2019

Having suffered from acute episodes of back, muscle, and
joint pain for almost 30 years, recently finding the relief and consequent joy
that a good sports massage can bring has been a revelation.

Over this 30 year period I have hugely benefited from
osteopathic and chiropractic treatments when my back “goes” and I am in agony,
and those treatments really have been invaluable at relieving the pain and
immobility of such severe episodes. 
However, there has always been residual stiffness, discomfort, and
aching that hardly ever seemed to abate, but my recent regular sports massage
sessions with Jack are now changing this for the better.

Jack’s youthful, cheerful, and friendly disposition
should not fool you; he knows what he is doing; he has sadistic, evil hands
that he knowledgeably works deep into my tight muscles.  It’s not necessarily ‘comfortable’ when he is
working on my muscle groups, but the results are brilliant - it’s another case
of ‘no pain no gain’. I really can’t rate his ability to manipulate and relax
my tight muscle groups highly enough. I feel taller, more relaxed, and even a tad
younger after an hour with Jack.

I’m therefore pleased to recommend Jack’s services. His
sports massages have significantly improved the quality of my life. I just wish
I had been able to benefit from them years ago... who knew.

Jeff Collings September 11, 2019

I just have to let you know how happy I am with your diagnosis and treatment for a sports injury that I have been suffering with for many years. After seeing many sports injury therapists in many countries over the world and in the UK when I was running for GB in the world transplant games not one therapist managed to stop the pain I was permanently in! After 15 mins in your clinic it was sorted. I walked out and still can’t believe that I am no longer in pain. I just cannot ever thank you enough and would recommend you to all of my athletic friends or to anyone that asks my advice.

Thank you Charlie. You have changed my life.

Sandie Tiley December 28, 2018

I attended the clinic at Whitstable on 15/9/2018 and had a consultation and treatment from Daniel.

Less than a week later my long standing back issue is resolved completely.

I cannot express my thanks enough for your care and attention.

I have and will continue to recommend you highly.

You are brilliant!

Robert Brown September 24, 2018

British & Irish Lions Supporters Tour NZ 2017

I encountered Charles in New Zealand on the British & Irish Lions Supporters Tour,  2 hours into a 4 hour cross island coach trip.  I was in a serious amount of pain and distress arising from a pre existing problem with inflammation of the sacro-iliac joint leaving me unable to sit for more than a few agonising minutes at a time.  Anti-inflammatory and strong painkillers were having no effect.

At this point, Charlie recognising my situation and after passing me his card with his credentials said he could help me, I honestly couldn't believe my good luck!

Charles skilfully assessed my issue and after remedial treatment, I felt my lower back 'un-lock' and the pain subsided, amazing!

Charles repeated the treatment 2 days later and it was truly amazing that I was then virtually pain free for the rest of the trip and just manageable discomfort on the 27 hour journey home.

I will always be grateful for his intervention, it doesn't bear thinking about what sort of miserable pain filled holiday experience I would have had otherwise!

I cannot thank Charles enough because much more than the administering treatment and the excellent advice, what Charles did to help me was unbelievably kind.

Nicki Evans August 2, 2017

I want to leave a testimonial about how amazing Charlie was in treating my 16 year old son Hugo who had two old fractured vertebrae that the medical profession could do no more for...

He was just starting his revision for his GCSEs and all the sitting was so painful and I was so worried how he would get through and how he would even sit the exams..

After 4 sessions he was fixed has revised sitting with no pain and to be honest I have nt heard him mention his back since his treatment and he was in so much pain laying on the floor..

And we are 4 exams down with no pain in sitting for up to 3 hours.

Amazing thank you so much.

Jo Page May 23, 2016

I found the Joy Lane Clinic is the best solution for my carpal tunnel syndrome. I've been suffering it for years, with the help of Charlie I couldn't believe how quick is the result of the cortisone injection. It's been very effective to me. Also with a good reasonable price, I could definitely say that it has been the very good decision I've been to Charlie. Thanks x

Joyce Bantay December 15, 2015

I must say that Charlie truly is just the best I've been to. I was close to paralysis before my operation and could not do a lot after it but Charlie has worked on me and now I live a normal life, he really is the best .

Once you’ve been to him I promise you’ll not want to go anywhere else.

Graham Holmes December 15, 2015

I am able to do some of the lovely walks thanks to your help.

Diane Thompson November 20, 2015

I went for a consultation with Charles Bannigan from joy lane clinic about an on going knee complaint. Having previously had surgery I had little or no cartilage left and found even getting down stairs first thing in the morning very painful, and exercising especially running was a no go. Charles put my knee through its paces before offering me a solution to my problem. He advised I should have a series of injections that would simulate the the actions of the cartilage.

I had the 3 injections over 3 weeks just over a month ago and have since returned to running and once again am able to play football. And as for getting down the stairs first thing I have no problems. I can't recommend this process enough and although it isn't a permanent fix its the next best thing

Adam Bucknell November 20, 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for fixing my back/hip. The four flights (total 24 hours in the air) were a breeze and my back has not felt this good for some years! Many, many thanks!!"

Rae Mellsop Whitstable May 21, 2015

"Lloyd, I just wanted to say what a great job you done on my back and neck today, I have tried 10 osteopaths/chiropractors in the last ten years and none of them have achieved the results you have in one visit. Thank you again. "

Stuart Carr May 21, 2015

"Can I just say thanks for all the treatment by yourself and company and I can't say enough about Charmaine! She has been fantastic! She give me great treatment, very professional and educates me along the way."

Steven Connolly May 21, 2015

"I found the Joy Lane clinic via google and have recently been treated in Folkestone by Charlie Bannigan - I have always found it easy to get an appointment and feel confident in recommending him to family and friends after my treatments. Its always quite nerve racking when you visit a clinic for the first time and you are in pain - But Charlie is both friendly and very professional and I came out feeling so much better after just one treatment."

Alison Silk May 21, 2015

"You will be pleased to know that the shoulder is cured!!! Thank you so much. I have been recommending you to all my friends.

Many thanks."

Chris Carter May 21, 2015

"Thank you very much for seeing me last Friday. I don’t know what you did but it worked wonders. The pain had gone by Saturday morning and has not returned.

Very many thanks."

Gordon Corrigan May 21, 2015

"Today, I met Charlie at The Eden Centre, Strabane. I walked up the staircase . . . stiff, sore and indeed nervous! This was my very first time to go to an osteopath. Bearing in mind I already had surgery on my back 4 years ago for disc problems I was unsure if this guy would help or hinder my injury.

Well, immediately I was put at ease. After a brief chat he then checked me out. I could not bend, my neck was stiff and I was in pain. 15 mins later his techniques worked wonders on my body . . . my head was almost fit to turn 180°. I could almost touch my toes and I felt on cloud 9! Felt 10 years younger! An amazing experience!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you Charlie."

Gloria Perry May 21, 2015

"Dear Charlie, thank you so much! You gave me instant relief from my crippling back pain and have sorted out my long-term knee problems. I am very grateful, thank you! You have a very special talent."

Nicola May 21, 2015

"Hi Charlie, thanks very much for seeing me this morning, it's the best £45.00 I have ever spent!!"

Steve Ellis May 21, 2015

"I am emailing to say how delighted I was when, after weeks of pain and restricted movement with a frozen shoulder, I had immediate relief after you administered a cortisone injection.

3 weeks on and my shoulder and arm are moving freely with no pain or stiffness.

I can't thank you enough."

Christine Hyland May 21, 2015

"I felt that I had to write to tell you how happy I am at the treatment that John has received at your hands. You have worked wonders with him and I feel that our retirement plans are back on track.

When he took early retirement, back in May 2010, mainly through his hip and back problems, I thought that after a while he would be back to his old self but it wasn't that simple. After we moved here it became obvious that the problem would not go away that easily and I had seen your sign as we went up and down Joy Lane. It did take a little gentle persuasion to get him to go at first but how glad we are that he did. Although it took quite a while, I feel that the results far outway the time spent to get him better. We now enjoy long walks and he can garden for hours and not feel the pain that he used to.

So a big thank you for everything that you have and will still continue to do for him."

John Good May 21, 2015

You probably don't get much feedback because they don't come back once they're fixed so just to let you know that the knee took a little time to settle but is now solid and strong - best it's been for years!

Good job, feller (oh that the golf swing were as easy to fix as knees, hey?).

Gary Hartley-Trigg May 21, 2015

"Charlie was recommended to me after I had hurt my back lifting my children's slide in the garden. I had obviously lifted it awkwardly and the outcome was suffering through three days of excrutiating pain in my lower back and the lack of ability to sit or bend down without being in agony. I rang to make an appointment and was impressed straight away when he fitted me in the same day.

Charlie analysed and worked on and around my problem area immediately. He was very professional and explained everything he was doing as he was going along. He has a very easy going nature and a warming personality that put me straight at ease.

After the first two sessions, my pain had subsided and I was able to move a little easier and after the third, I had no pain or restriction of movements at all and was totally back to normal.

I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone, his ability to pin point and resolve the problem as quickly as possible without the need for further "maintenance" is one of his many qualities."

Nicky Whittaker May 21, 2015

"Charlie seems to work wonders every time I see him, usually I will limp in struggling to walk and within 2 or 3 sessions I am back to full training. Charlie always gives a quick diagnosis and helps alter my training schedule for my rehabilitation."

Donald Carter May 21, 2015