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Having suffered from acute episodes of back, muscle, and joint pain for almost 30 years, recently finding the relief and consequent joy that a good sports massage can bring has been a revelation.

Over this 30 year period I have hugely benefited from osteopathic and chiropractic treatments when my back “goes” and I am in agony, and those treatments really have been invaluable at relieving the pain and immobility of such severe episodes.  However, there has always been residual stiffness, discomfort, and aching that hardly ever seemed to abate, but my recent regular sports massage sessions with Jack are now changing this for the better.

Jack’s youthful, cheerful, and friendly disposition should not fool you; he knows what he is doing; he has sadistic, evil hands that he knowledgeably works deep into my tight muscles.  It’s not necessarily ‘comfortable’ when he is working on my muscle groups, but the results are brilliant - it’s another case of ‘no pain no gain’. I really can’t rate his ability to manipulate and relax my tight muscle groups highly enough. I feel taller, more relaxed, and even a tad younger after an hour with Jack.

I’m therefore pleased to recommend Jack’s services. His sports massages have significantly improved the quality of my life. I just wish I had been able to benefit from them years ago... who knew.

Jeff Collings September 11, 2019