Nicki Evans


British & Irish Lions Supporters Tour NZ 2017

I encountered Charles in New Zealand on the British & Irish Lions Supporters Tour,  2 hours into a 4 hour cross island coach trip.  I was in a serious amount of pain and distress arising from a pre existing problem with inflammation of the sacro-iliac joint leaving me unable to sit for more than a few agonising minutes at a time.  Anti-inflammatory and strong painkillers were having no effect.

At this point, Charlie recognising my situation and after passing me his card with his credentials said he could help me, I honestly couldn't believe my good luck!

Charles skilfully assessed my issue and after remedial treatment, I felt my lower back 'un-lock' and the pain subsided, amazing!

Charles repeated the treatment 2 days later and it was truly amazing that I was then virtually pain free for the rest of the trip and just manageable discomfort on the 27 hour journey home.

I will always be grateful for his intervention, it doesn't bear thinking about what sort of miserable pain filled holiday experience I would have had otherwise!

I cannot thank Charles enough because much more than the administering treatment and the excellent advice, what Charles did to help me was unbelievably kind.