Putting the cart before the horse

I saw a 62-year-old male patient this morning who came looking for a steroid injection for his foot. He had pain on and off for 2 years and recently paid privately to see an orthopaedic consultant. An x-ray and MRI of the foot revealed nothing unordinary other than mild degeneration and the consultant recommended a […]

How to beat NHS waiting lists

How to beat NHS waiting lists NHS waiting lists are growing by the day.  And anyone who’s experienced pain in their body knows that this waiting time is not only conducive to recovery, it can also impact every aspect of your life.  I’ve had numerous patients who’ve gone down the NHS route only to find […]

Treatment need not cost the Earth!

Treatment need not cost the Earth!

My clinic has been established for 13 years and like any clinic in its infancy the owner usually works at other practices as an associate until their clinic begins to grow. From my experience working as an associate I soon realised that I did not want to build my business on a maintenance basis.   […]