Treatment need not cost the Earth!

Treatment need not cost the Earth!My clinic has been established for 13 years and like any clinic in its infancy the owner usually works at other practices as an associate until their clinic begins to grow. From my experience working as an associate I soon realised that I did not want to build my business on a maintenance basis.


What does this mean?


Basically there are practices that will encourage their patients to have ongoing check-up treatments after the presenting problem has been resolved.  This could be monthly or every 2 or 3 months. This is fine if someone has a history of a recurrent problem and therefore regular treatment helps control it.


However the majority of back and neck issues that I see are resolved in 2 treatments. Injuries to soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments are usually resolved in 2 to 4 treatments although the sports person may take a little longer as they have to be fully rehabilitated before they can return to their sport.


My mission statement is “to operate at the highest possible standard of care, the clinic’s philosophy is to offer prompt diagnosis, personalised and effective treatment saving patient’s both time and money.”


I have adhered to this over the past 13 years and have gained a reputation for doing so.


If you are suffering with pain be assured it will not cost the Earth to see us, check out what others have said about the clinic at  or call us on 01227 266439/ 01303 257801.