Putting the cart before the horse

I saw a 62-year-old male patient this morning who came looking for a steroid injection for his foot. He had pain on and off for 2 years and recently paid privately to see an orthopaedic consultant. An x-ray and MRI of the foot revealed nothing unordinary other than mild degeneration and the consultant recommended a […]

How to beat NHS waiting lists

How to beat NHS waiting lists NHS waiting lists are growing by the day.  And anyone who’s experienced pain in their body knows that this waiting time is not only conducive to recovery, it can also impact every aspect of your life.  I’ve had numerous patients who’ve gone down the NHS route only to find […]

Joy Lane Clinic Whitstable - Treatment for Runner's Knee

Joy Lane Clinic Whitstable can help with ‘Runner’s Knee’

Runner’s Knee There is no question that knee pain is a common complaint amongst all of us at some point in our lives, but particularly the very active who are often at risk of overuse or even injury. Our Joy Lane Clinic in Whitstable of Osteopaths, Physio Therapists and Personal Trainers work with patients frequently […]

Diagnostic Scanning

Diagnostic scanning – “The Gold Standard”

    To most they perceive that an ultrasound or MRI scan is needed to diagnose their condition and in some instances this is well the case. However scanning does not replace a clinical examination as often it is the clinical examination that will then lead the practitioner to referring for a scan.  What do […]

Mr. Consultant Facet Joints Are Supposed To Move!

Mr. Consultant Facet Joints Are Supposed To Move!

In the past week we have seen 2 people who have had a history of low back pain which has not resolved. They have been down the GP route, had NHS physiotherapy and been to an orthopedic consultant for facet joint injections which had given short term relief. Basically on examining both people were not […]

Things are not black and white!

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that as osteopaths one of the things we look at is fine movement. What do I mean by this?   Well having discussions with colleagues and other healthcare professions we seem to agree that as a whole consultants look at gross movements  – for […]