Mr. Consultant Facet Joints Are Supposed To Move!

lumbar_facet_arthritis_anatomy03In the past week we have seen 2 people who have had a history of low back pain which has not resolved. They have been down the GP route, had NHS physiotherapy and been to an orthopedic consultant for facet joint injections which had given short term relief.

Basically on examining both people were not able to bend forward without pain in the lower back because the joints were not moving. Due to this the muscles in their lower back were rock solid.

This is something that I see time and time again and to be honest I am dumbfounded as to why this is not picked up by the consultant.

Muscles attach to bones via tendons and so if the joint does not function properly this will affect the surrounding soft tissues.

The body works in unison and so in relation to spinal injuries a muscle spasm will affect joint movement and a restricted joint will cause the muscles in the area to tighten and therefore my answer is to treat both the spinal mechanics and surrounding soft tissue.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs MRI are a great diagnostic tool but they can also show a magnitude of sins. These patients were told that they had degeneration in their spines and that a steroid injection to the facet joints would help.

Here’s an idea, why not try to get the joint to function more efficiently by getting it to move. This is something that we as osteopaths do day in and day out, it is our bread and butter.

Needless to say both patients after their first treatment were able to bend forward easier with little pain. I can safely say that after another 2 to 3 treatments they should be pain free after being in pain for 3 and 5 years respectively.

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