Marathon Season

Yes it’s that time of year when training begins in earnest for the Brighton and London marathons. Already I have seen 4 patients who have begun to have issues as they ramp up their training. One has tendonitis in the foot, another has a hamstring issue which is due partly to the pelvis rotating but also the hamstring is weak. Another has a problem with the IT band and I am yet to see the 4th person this week who also has a running related injury.

The good thing that all 4 people have in common is that they are getting their niggles seen to early so that they can still train because from experience if the niggle is not addressed early it will likely worsen and a period off running will occur.

 “Prevention is better than a cure”

Another top tip to adhere to is to get a regular sports massage because often this can help alleviate muscle soreness especially after the long runs at the weekend and in doing so can in most instances avoid injuries.

So if you are preparing for a marathon don’t let that niggle become a pain!

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