Don’t let that ache become a pain!

body-pain-ballet-can-helpAs a practitioner I have very few people who I see on a maintenance basis as my motto is:

Find it, Fix it & leave it alone.

What do I mean by this?

Well when I started out I worked as an associate in other clinics and I would often incur DNA’s on a regular basis (Did not attend) and these were mainly people who were on a 4 to 8 week maintenance programme whereby they would be booked in for a check-up. The majority of the time they forgot to attend their appointment as they were not in pain.

From this I decided not to run my clinic on this basis but to try and resolve issues and then leave it up to the patient to return when they felt they needed to.

This as a whole works well but human nature being as it is often people present with a problem which started as a niggle but manifests into more of an issue over a period of time.

They often say that they thought that it would just go away!

What I normally say is that if something persists for over a week then it is probably best to get it looked at before it gets worse.

This in turn will both save you time and money as normally only 1 treatment should be suffice whereas if the problem worsens then a number of treatments may be needed in order to alleviate the problem.

Last week I saw a lady with acute mid back pain which she awoke with 1 week earlier. Pain killers were not helping. Needless to say I saw her 3 days later and she was pain free.

She stated that she wished that she had come to see me when she first had the pain and not suffered for a full week!

So if you are suffering a niggle, don’t let it fester, give us a call on 01227 266439/01303 257801 and we will be happy to:

Find it, Fix it & leave it alone.