The human body is not designed to be sedentary. In this modern era of technology more and more manual jobs are being taking over by machinery and so individuals are sitting either at a desk or operating a machine. Couple this with poor sitting posture and you then increase the likelihood of developing a back problem.

So what is the answer?

There is no one answer that fits all but in general some form of exercise can prevent the development of back pain. At Joy Lane Clinic we see people from all walks of life and various age ranges. The majority of people have relief after 2 to 3 treatments but recently we have seen a few patients who we have seen over the years who have an issue which is not resolving like it had in the past. We have devised an exercise plan for them and this we are finding is making a huge difference. The exercise plans are tailored to both the patient’s needs but also to the type of exercise they like to do.

For example there is no point giving a person a gym based weight training program if they do not want to lift weights. However they may like to swim and so swimming would be an option as well as some basic core exercises to do at home.

At Joy Lane Clinic we have a fully equipped gym which we use for rehabilitation and 1-2-1 personal training. So if you are having back issues or want to improve your core musculature and get fit at the same time why not contact us on 01227 266439 or email info@joylaneclinic.co.uk