Let the Recovery Commence

Congratulations on achieving the challenge of running a marathon! Whether it is your first (and last) or you are seasoned marathon runner the right training is, of course imperative, but have you thought about your recovery plan?

Here are our post marathon tips to help you to a complete and effective recovery.

Immediate Post Race

After you cross the finish line, try to get something warm and get to your clothes. You’ll probably get cold very quickly, and while it won’t help you recover, getting warm will sure make you feel a lot better.


Find something to eat; bananas, energy bars, sports drinks, fruit, and bagels are all good options.


When you get back home or to the hotel room, you should consider an ice bath for 15 minutes.

After your ice bath, you can take a nap or walk around to try and loosen the legs.


At this point, you’ve done about all you can do for the day. Relax and relish in your accomplishment.


Days 1-3

Running: None

Cross Training: none

Recovery Tips and tricks:

  • Soak in a hot tub for 10-15 and stretch well afterwards.
  • Each lots of fruit, carbohydrates and protein to help aid recovery.
  • Light massage will help loosen your muscles. Don’t schedule a deep tissue massage yet, just a gentle effleurage massage or a light rolling with the stick.Days 4-7Cross Training: Optional – Two days, 30-40 minutes easy effort. The focus is on promoting blood flow to the legs, not building fitness.
  • Recovery Tips and Tricks:
  • Running: One day, 2-4 miles very easy
  • Continue eating a healthy diet
  • Now is the time you can get a deep tissue massage if you have areas that are really bothering you or that are injured.
  • About an hour before bed, massage your legs out with the stick or self-massage and then soak in a hot/warm bath with 3 cups Epsom salt for 10-15 minutes. After the soak, stretch real well and relax. This always perks up my legs quite a bit and you’ll also sleep great.Days 7-14Cross Training: Optional – Three sessions total. One easy session and two medium effort sessions for 30-45 minutes.Days 14-21Cross Training: 1 easy session, 1 medium session, and 1 hard session of 40-50It is so important to let yourself recover otherwise you can become over trained which can lead to injury forcing you to lay off your fitness regime for a period of time.If you are experience pain following your marathon experience then here at Joy Lane Clinic our tem of sports injury experts are here to help. We can diagnose, treat and provide a course of rehabilitation to help you return to fitness.
  • Running: Begin to slowly build back into full training. My suggestion is four to five runs of 4-8 miles with 4 x 20 sec strides after each run.
  • Running: Three or four days of 4-6 miles very easy.