Often we get calls from people who are looking for a massage. When the receptionist queries their problem often the person is in pain and thinks that a massage will sort it out. The receptionist then explains that osteopaths do massage but they also look for the root cause of the problem.

What do I mean by this?

Often I see people who have back or neck issues which are persistent and some have had massage therapy which has helped but short term. The reason for this is that the spinal mechanics are altered. If the muscles in the back or neck become tight or spasm they will have an effect on the areas where they run to or from, namely the joints in the spine. Also if the joint becomes locked in position known as a “facet lock” this will cause the musculature around the area to contract.

In this situation the muscle is held tight, massage may give some temporary relief but if the joint is not released the tightness and pain will return. Therefore both the muscles and the affected joints need to be worked on in order to achieve total resolve.

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