Osteopath’s treat more than you think!

I suppose I am lucky that I am now established this past 13 years in practice and people are aware that I can treat all parts of the body, not just backs and necks.

Recently I had a patient discussing a topic that often comes up, “GP’s don’t recognise osteopathy, and we are classed as a complimentary therapy”.  

Well I had to take a deep breath before I let rip. My answer was that I do not believe that most GP’s even know what we can treat and how we treat. I hear the term “bone cruncher” or “cracking “. Basically we don’t crunch bones but gap the joint and the noise that is often associated is air as there is fluid between the joint spaces. This in fact is part of our treatments but is by no means the only thing we do.

osteopaths-treatI aim to get to the root cause of a problem and treat according to achieve full resolution. I don’t see this as complimentary. If I feel that someone needs further medical intervention I will refer onwards whether that be their GP or direct to a consultant.

The Joy Lane Clinic’s moto has always been “Find it, Fix it and leave it alone”.

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