Osteopaths Treat More Than You Think!

Recently I was treating a lady who I see for back and neck issues when she said to me that she had gone elsewhere for a shoulder problem.

When I asked her why she said she didn’t think it was a joint issue!!

I informed her in the nicest possible way that osteopaths don’t treat just back and necks but all aspects of the muscloskeletal system.

This is something that I come across time and time again and I don’t think that the general public as a whole totally understand what osteopaths are and what they can do.

In general terms I tell patients that osteopaths are in the middle in that they can do all the joint manipulations that chiropractors do but we also work on the soft tissues of the body like physiotherapists. I tell them that this is a generalised description and that we all do cross over in that Physio’s can do manipulations if they do a postgraduate course. I myself am qualified in dry needling acupuncture and injection therapy.

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