Working Whilst Travelling

I have just come back from New Zealand where I was following the British & Irish Lions tour.

It was a great experience which I will never forget and although I was on holidays I could not ignore someone who was in pain.

On the bus from Auckland to Rotorua I noticed a lady who was holding her back and leaning forward. On occasion her husband was rubbing her low back. We stopped for a coffee break and I asked her what the matter was. She told me that she had been suffering for 3 months and was having treatment with an osteopath who told her that her sacroiliac joint was the problem.

I offered to take a look once we got to the hotel and indeed the si joint was involved but so to was the lumbarsacral area as her pelvis was twisted. The day after the 2nd treatment I met her on the street and she told me she was pain free.

I also had a tattoo to remember the trip and the tattooist during the session told me that he was suffering from a frozen shoulder for the past few months. I offered to have a look at the end of the session and from 20 minutes work he had increased movement in the shoulder joint, hence my tattoo cost less!

I love my job and I take pride in trying to help people. I treat what I find and know how far to push the body as I have had many injuries through my rugby career which I had been treated for.

So if you are in pain, when give me a call on 01227 266439 as the majority of problems can be alleviated in 2 to 3 treatments!