Osteopathy & Bodybuilding!

IMG_4312Recently I just competed in a bodybuilding contest, and did well placing 4th out of 11 competitors but having spoken to the judges I found out I would have placed higher if my posing was better!

Now you may ask as to what this has to do with osteopathy and both disciplines seem as similar as chalk and cheese!

Well bear with me as I explain the method in the madness!


In relation to osteopath I look at presenting complaints on a local, segmental and global level.


Locally I am talking about the area in question which is causing the patient concern,

Segmentally I’m looking at the joints that surround that area because as I always say one affects the other in that a joint restriction will cause tension in the musculature and vice versa.

Globally I will then look away from the area in order to evaluate if anything else may need doing in order to restore efficient function.


Bodybuilding is a made up of numerous parts which are each equally important individually but working in unison complete a full package.

In this instance my training and diet was spot on as my condition was in but what is the point if on the day I am unable to show my physique to its full potential by not presenting my body’s full aesthetics to the judges on stage.


Osteopathy is similar in that often the symptoms of pain presenting originate elsewhere in the body so although it is important to address the site of pain it is vitality important to root out the cause of the pain in order to complete a successful treatment regime to achieve full rehabilitation.

So if you are having a problem which is not alleviating then perhaps the root cause is not being addressed. If so give us a call on 01227 266439/01303 257801 and we would be happy to help.