Osteopathy – More Than Treating Back Pain

not-just-backsRecently I was in a shop where I bumped into a patient who I had been treating for neck and shoulder pain which she had had for years but which was now very much improved.

She informed me that she began to suffer knee pain and that she went to her GP who said that it was wear and tear, well of course they would! That is their answer to most muscloskeletal complaints to those of a certain age!

I asked her why did she not come and see myself to which she replied, “I didn’t know you did knees”

As osteopaths we treat every part of the body and I frequently see knee and shoulder issues on a daily basis.

I am also unique in that I am trained to perform peripheral joint injections which means if necessary I am able to inject cortisone or joint lubricants into joints such as the shoulder, hip and knee.

If you would like more information on what we can treat please have a look at https://www.joylaneclinic.co.uk/osteopathy